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Bringing the beauty of African textiles to the world

The Sonna story began over 30 years ago, with one small shop selling African textiles. Our unrivalled knowledge of the African textile industry and our commitment to supplying goods of the highest quality has built the company from that humble beginning to what it is today: the biggest African textile distributor in the world, supplying customers everywhere with market-leading products.

Sonna in Europe

Our head office is located in Antwerp, Belgium, where we also have our largest store, dedicated to showcasing and selling a huge collection of the finest African textiles. We are the official European distributor of Vlisco, selling all the famous Vlisco products such as Superwax, Wax Block (or Hollandais) and Java, among many more. In 1990, we created the highly-successful Sonna brand of high quality African textiles. The range includes Ribbons, Headties, Seersucker, Osikani and Laces, and many of our products have become market leaders. In 2007, we opened a branch in Ashburn, Virginia, with a new team dedicated to serving our loyal North American customers and a prestigious HQ conveniently situated just 10 minutes from Washington`s Dulles International Airport. We are the exclusive US distributor of Vlisco and Sonna products, and offer a huge assortment of beautiful, high-quality designs and colours. One of the reasons for our continuing success is our ability to stay up-to-date with the latest trends: we continually add new, fashion-forward designs to our range. Our customers show their appreciation with repeat purchases - we are already the biggest supplier of African textiles in North America!

Our vision

Sonna aims to continue and build on our success as a profitable and competitive leader in the distribution of African textiles. We will achieve this by a policy of working closely with quality producers in order to sell quality products, and by continuing to lead the market in the introduction of new designs based on the latest trends.


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